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Family photo - Petra Prokopová

Welcome to the website of our kennel MORAVIA Lord, which was founded in 2007. Why Moravia is clear - we are patriots and Moravia is a region where we live. Why Lord? or it is no mystery. Founder of our kennel is named Lady (Lady Wolf Fransimo Bohemia) and the Lord is a masculine sign Lady:).

Wolf Lady Fransimo Bohemia

My name is Peter Videcká. From a very early age I loved everything he barked. In the 11 years my parents I talked to the first acquisition of a small schnauzer, as this bitch on named Ida I first came on the set as the canine training field and into the world of exhibitions. Both fascinated me so much that we in our family eventually had a total of 4 exhibition schnauzer and every spare moment I just gave them. Because the man but develops after birth leaving the nest is the choice fell on the breed English bull terrier. The kennel 'pod Skalickým kamenem' we brought on behalf of the beautiful white beauties Body. Body now at his first show and shine won BOB and I fell under the spell of exhibitions to the fullest. Unfortunately, his fate nedopøál be here with us a long time in almost 3 years, died of kidney failure. Pain after the departure of this aristocrat has been so huge that I convinced myself that the dog will never want. However, little enough, after my colleague brought to work his English bull, and passion in my heart again erupted fully. When selecting a breed, I put emphasis on the health of the breed, its activity, sporty appearance, reasonable height and love for people. This is all just meet the Staffordshire Bull Terrier!

Agra Grey Eminence

Now we have two females at home Staffordshire Bull Terrier - Wolf Lady Fransimo Bohemia and her daugter Bloody Mary Moravia Lord - and one female, on weimaraner Agra Grey Eminence. Under the heading of our kennel is the daughter of our Lady - Agraeen Queen Moravia Lord (who lives with his owner Zuzka).

Thanks to the support that I am at home with our dogs can really devote all their time. Visit cynology parade, Tracing, we practice the defense. I peeked into the world of hunting and hunting training, and both impressed me literally. Staff girls to go to dog shows to show our joy and are doing very successfully. Weimaraner owners have been sourced to work actively to be usable in hunting practices, which we succeeded. At the age of 14 months passed the first test talents in the I.price, the number of possible 225 points 228 and became the Winner of the test, 14 days after we maked Autumn passed the test, also in the I. price.

I believe on our Web site you interesting information not only about us and our dogs, but also the extraordinary, amazing and extraordinary breed Staffordshire Bull Terrier and the breed Weimaraner.

Thank you for your visit and your time spent with us:)

Petra Prokopová

Agra Grey Eminence
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